Church of the Table will begin meeting on


How long will the service be?
A hard hour. Probably. Definitely shorter than or longer than an hour, but not by much.
Is Church of the Table affiliated with a denomination/tradition?
Church of the Table is part of the Church of the Brethren denomination which is in the anabaptist tradition, a tradition that focuses on justice, service, and peace.
Are women allowed to preach/lead?
Allowed? I'm not sure I understand your question.
Who is welcome at Church of the Table?
I feel like you're trying to talk about something without talking about something.
Will there be childcare?
Yes. During those first few weeks there will be mature, responsible, background-checked adults who will take care of kids. Kids are also welcome to participate with their parents during the service. A safe, constructive childcare system is a high priority and it will be addressed and developed from the very first gathering.
Will there be opportunities to volunteer?
Yes. The first initiative will be to work with adults in the prison system at Cook County Jail as well as adults who have have re-entered into society. CotT is in the process of getting certified to do work within the Cook County Department of Corrections system.
Is St. John's the long-term home of Church of the Table?
No – but the leadership and people of St. John's are very supportive of CotT as it births and grows. They will be a life-long partner, but eventually, hopefully, God-willing, we will grow enough to occupy our own space in a neighborhood that fits our ethos.
Is there a bowling alley affiliated with CotT?
Glad you asked. Officially, no. Unofficially, CotT folks have been known to roll at Circle Bowling Lanes at 7244 Circle Ave, Forest Park, IL 60130.
Do you roll on Shabbos?
We'll never share your information.